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August 25, 2008

Today’s Arch 48 class, we talked about thinking. An IDEA that spreads out from subconscious (surreal) and conscious (real).  It was very interesting to see everyone’s statement and idea. It was an impressive experience/exercise.  Here are the best two statement for today.

1. Pink elephants stand out irrationally in a silver sea of concrete.

2. Elemental dumptruck commercially materialize cement.

My group: Artificial extravagance functioning as comfortable slowly.

Here are some other statements from others.

>Timeless progression capturing personal dythm

>Eye candy of electrified controversial apple pie perpendicularly created.

>Architecture is a creative expansion of nothing.

>Aesthetic inspirationally adapting proufoundly.

P.S. I am loving this quote

“Architecture thinks, therefore it exists.”