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October 27, 2008

Today’s class, we analysis the building formula witch I think it is very important. Each question of the building’s formulas are nessarilly asked before design the buildings.

What is the overall concept?
What are the building elements?
Where does the site (setting) exist?
How are elements juxtaposed next to one another?
What is the symbolic allegorical meaning to building element?
How does a facade develop a visual play of rhythm, movement, Harmon and balance?
How do all elements above tell a story?

We also learnt 2 different methods. Diagramming Analysis the building.



October 20, 2008

Today we sketched our model of the SITE.

We are focusing on the Unity (Central) and the Movement of the buildings and paths.

Statement: Blown Set Orthogonally Secluded.


October 6, 2008

Today we get ready to build our site model.

We analysis the Landscape-texture and scale.

For the Design, we might use the Direction, Repetition, Vertical, Horizontal and Solid/Void motheds.

Here are the Site Plan I sketch, Materals we pick from the Site.

My idea of the Model,