Scale & Proportion, Vitruvian Man, Modular Man, Body as Unit of Measurement.

Today we talked about the Harmony/Balance, scale, proportion and measurement. It was useful because I have never thought about the design should/must relate to ourselves. In Arch 24 & 25, it is always the difficulty to design how talk the building should be and how wide the hall way should be. However, after today’s class, I know that the wide of the door maybe as same as three human bodies’ wides.

There are two methods of masurement of our body sacle. Vitruvian Man – Da Vinci & Modular Man – Le Corbusier.

Proportion means: A part considered in relation to the whole. In architecture, the proportion means our human body relate to the entire building.

Here are the measurement that I did for the Diego Rivara Theater:





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