Final 12*8

The architect of the Jewish Museum Berlin is Daniel Libeskind. It is a very interesting and thoughtful design for the Jewish Museum. Liberskind has done lots of researches on the topic and input to his ideas of the museum design. The words Liberskind uses for his ideas are the organization and relationships. “One is a straight line, but broken into many fragments, the other is a tortuous line, but continuing indefinitely.” (By Liberskind) Therefore, he uses three words to identify his design: Continuity, Exile and Death End.

Liberskind views the world in order to determine the way he creates because Jewish must continue; and the time they exile; and the death end is the feeling of the Jewish. Those are from the history of Jewish exiled in Germany. Libeskind uses “Voids” to define the space between the old and the new. There are no direct light comes to the space, and the “Shalechet” on the floor represent the ashes. It gives people that the Jewish had difficulty to walk in the past. It is very interesting idea that connects the old building to the new building. Also, the Garden of Exile, the structure of columns creates the disorientation to the visitor. The idea of disorientation was created through architecture. Therefore, I think Libeskind was an artist. The creation of The Holocaust Tower is also the art. An only one light that comes from the gap and the narrow slit high above the ground that creates experience of even the visitors see the light but can’t reach it. It also connects to the history of Jewish. The location of the building is also very interesting. There are no official entrance in the new Jewish Museum, instead Libeskind design it in the old Jewish Museum and put it underground. It represent the life of Jewish was undergrounded in Germany in early century.The façade of the building is very interesting. Libeskind plotted the addresses of prominent Jewish and German citizens on a map of pre-war Berlin and joined the points to form the matrix. The idea I like the best is the axes that Liberkind created to link the history of Jewish.

The scale and proportion for the window sizes are based upon the matrix of the façade. The entrance of the buildings formed by the long stairs and on the above there are some structure connected in order to create pressure. It is a very interesting building I have seen.



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