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2008*West Coast GREEN (Part ONE)

September 27, 2008

Today I went to the 2008 West Coast GREEN show in San Jose Convention Center. I was so exciting to see the showhouse especially because I went to the West Coast GREEN show last year and it was so great. The Showhouse was designed by LAWRENCE Group. It named SG BLOCKS harbinger House.

This Showhouse is a spectacular and visionary example of innovative and affordable residential design. Literally, at its core, the 1,700 sq.ft two-story home is made of reused shiping containers, a living example of Value-Cycling, the act of taking a product that has fulfilled a primary purpose and finding another use for it without spending significant new energy and resources to convert it to another use. Every aspect of the home’s design, material selection and features were considered to assure the home’s Green Point and LEED for Homes honorary certification.

I think this Harbinger is so awesome. I like the structure, the form of the house. Especially it was made by all the green materials. I will talk about more new products I learn today in the later posts.

Here are some pictures I took for the Harbinger House.

This is Me and the Showhouse exterior.

This is the Master Bedroom. There are 3 big windows in the Master Bedroom. The views must be great at night. The air easily come in and out. I think that’s very nice design.

This is the Living Area.

This is Kitchen. The Kitchen connect to the Living Room. Again, I think it did a very good job on saving energy because it does not need to much lighting in a room.

This is the Balcony. Although it is very interesting that placing the sofa outside, but I guess it can’t apply to outside until it set up the canopy.